Advantages of Industrial Shelving Units

Industrial shelves provide a number of advantages over other shelving solutions. While you may be aware of some, others may be surprising. There are different options for industrial shelving, each with unique features and benefits. For that reason, it helps to research products before buying and to work with a reputable company.

Top Advantages ·

  • Material – For starters, industrial shelving is made from steel. Since this type of shelving is commonly used in factories, warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, and other industrial environments, it must be strong and durable. To ensure that you buy the best product possible, look for shelving made of high-strength 50 KSI steel. This type of shelving will withstand daily use and abuse.
  •  Expandability – Another advantage of industrial shelves is that certain designs expand to accommodate a higher level of productivity or company growth. While many shelving systems use horizontal floor space, others take advantage of vertical space. This is seen with catwalks, which offer expandability when needed.
  • Customization – Many companies offer both standard and customized shelving solutions for industrial applications. Because every business and the type of work performed are unique, a one-size-fits-all system seldom works. With customization, you get the exact shelving system required for your business needs.
  • Easy and Flexible Setup – With boltless shelving, a unit is set up in very little time. Since this requires less labor, there is little compromise to productivity. Designed without nuts and bolts, this type of system is a breeze to set up and move. Even the shelves themselves are adjustable in small increments.
  •  Product Visibility and Accessibility – A common problem with closed industrial shelving systems is that workers have a difficult time seeing products and reaching them. By choosing an open shelving system, both of these problems are eliminated. This allows work to flow seamlessly while boosting employee morale.
  • Better Organization – As opposed to oversized products sitting on the floor or in boxes and bins, industrial shelves are designed to accommodate products and parts of all sizes. As a bonus, certain shelves are capable of holding up to 2,400 pounds each.

The bottom line is that industrial shelves serve very specific purposes. With these and other advantages, it is evident that these shelving systems play an important role in overall business operations. For information about the shelving systems that we offer at WPSS or to speak with a team expert, give us a call.

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