24th Anniversary of SureSTEP platforms (mezzanines); commemorating the engineers behind the innovation

Surestep PlatformsAbout 10 years into Western Pacific Storage Solution’s inception, WPSS added the (now branded) SureSTEP platform (mezzanine) to their catalog of industrial shelving solutions.

After 24 years of experience engineering these multi-level storage systems, WPSS has gained a reputation as an industry-leading manufacturer of platforms (mezzanines) for distribution centers and warehouses across North America.

Today we want to recognize the WPSS in-house engineering team behind these sought-after work platforms (mezzanines). This specialized cross-functional development team works by Lean manufacturing principles and is dedicated to SureSTEP work platforms (mezzanines) alone, allowing them to continuously improve the platform (mezzanine) design and work towards achieving the greatest added value for customers.

Using in-house proprietary tools, and a conjunction of 3D modeling and structural analysis programs, WPSS’s SureSTEP engineering team has been able to innovate designs with the most stringent seismic safeguards, highest load-bearing capacities, and greatest space flexibility. And, by working closely with clients, the team is able to custom-fit each design to meet customers’ unique specifications.

As WPSS’ engineering director, stated: These are bespoke platforms; they are customized to your application, taking into consideration specific loads, deflection criteria, and seismic requirements.”

Thousands of distribution centers and warehouses across the nation have put their trust in WPSS. Click here to learn more about how SureSTEP work platforms (mezzanines) can be engineered to meet your specific needs.

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