Three-level RiveTier® boltless shelving solution for a 3PL’s versatile requirements.

July 19, 2021 1:15 pm

Rivertier III Boltless Shelving System

The third-party logistics company in Arizona that came to Western Pacific had decades of experience using their integrated services to help customers implement aspects of their distribution, warehousing, and pick and pack needs.

With a special emphasis on inventory management and SKUs, this 3PL company needed an engineered system for their warehouse that could easily be adjusted to match their clients’ versatile storage requirements. This is why they came to WPSS.

Western Pacific’s RiveTier® boltless shelving system is a perfect solution for those with fluctuating storage needs. With its boltless connections, the adaptability of the RiveTier® is unmatched. Storage shelves can be situated at varying heights to accommodate multiple sizes in one unit, and the boltless steel shelving connections facilitate quick, foolproof assembly that can be accomplished with a rubber mallet.

Re-Imagining the limits of the RiveTier: 3-level system with added SureSTEP stair tower
Though RiveTier® products are incredibly durable, they are not often used as multilevel systems. But this 3LP company’s operation was sizeable, and it demanded an equally sizeable storage system. Western Pacific took up the challenge, with the knowledge that the RiveTier® shelving could handle the long spans, low-profiles, and catwalk applications needed for the job.

The end result was an engineering masterpiece
The three-level system encompassed 1,485 shelving units and 66 three-level shelving bays — with 23 shelves in each unit. Using the Zbeams for added structural support, WPSS was able to create a high-capacity system (that supported up to 24000 pounds per shelf) with the clearance space advantage of a low-profile beam.

Western Pacific also added an IBC-compliant SureSTEP freestanding stair tower, with switchbacks going up to the pick module – another pioneering accomplishment, seeing as these towers are typically only used with Pacific or Deluxe systems.

In the end, the 3PL company procured the equipment necessary to quickly and effectively modulate the dimensions of their storage units, to fit their customers’ diverse needs. And along the way, WPSS was able to rethink the limits of the RiveTier, expanding the potential for innovative applications.

If you are interested in seeing how our highly versatile storage solutions can meet the challenge of your storage needs, call us today.

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