5 Benefits of Using Boltless Shelving for Warehouse Storage

April 8, 2020 3:11 pm

One of the main problems that warehouses face is the lack of available storage. Business owners know that it can be a daunting task trying to find the best way to store items more efficiently. Boltless shelving has been used for years to maximize warehouse storage space. These five benefits will prove that boltless shelving is here to stay.

  1. Low effort installation
    Since these industrial shelves are boltless, they are way easier for professional installers to install than most metal shelving units. The only tool professionals need when installing the shelves is a mallet. Due to this ease of installation, cost savings is achieved. Most units can be vertically increased by 1.5-inches.
  2. Customizable
    Boltless steel shelving can be customized to fit almost any warehouse space available. Not only can wire mesh decking be used to increase visibility, but each shelving unit can be manipulated in a way that can fits in the warehouse with ease. The structure levels will also accommodate items that vary in size.
  3. Easy Access
    Most boltless shelving is easily accessible from all four sides. Sometimes having a storage bin that is blocked off on sides will cut down on your visibility. A loss of visibility will leave workers having to search for items, which can take extra time. With the four sides open using boltless shelves, it will give better access to whatever product is being stored. The four steel beams guard the structure from swaying.
  4. Durable
    Boltless shelving parts are usually made from steel. This allows them to be extremely strong while providing optimal support when handling large products. Most boltless steel shelving units can hold around 500 pounds to 2,000 pounds per each shelf, depending on the type of steel that is used. This is a large weight that each shelf can hold and is great for many products that are on the heavier side that need to be stored.
  5. Economical
    Boltless steel shelving is less expensive than other shelving units. This is because of the lack of shelving parts needed to put these units together. Boltless shelving gives the option to stay economical without compromising great quality. They can provide more floor space with their high shelves, which allows more room for future growth within the operation. Western Pacific Storage Solutions can help organizations reach that future goal. They have the perfect shelving units that can be assembled in 30% of the time.

Running a business is an expensive feat to begin with. An operation doesn’t need the added pressure of having a disorganized warehouse to add stress. With boltless shelving, a warehouse can be well organized with no exceptionally high costs. Boltless shelving has been used for years, but it’s only now getting the proper recognition it deserves. They are effortless to install, which reduces costs with the installation process. This flexibility will allow maneuvering of the shelving as is desired, so it can fit better in the warehouse. This customization is necessary when space is needed. The four open sides allow for easy access and less time spent looking for products or equipment. Boltless shelving is extremely durable, making sure that the money used to purchase the unit is well worth it in the end.

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