A problem-filled 2nd story storage expansion project that ended up a dream solution for a national printing company

June 29, 2020 8:54 pm

Industrial Mezzanine and PrinterA national commercial printing company was in urgent need of more storage to support its growing business. Adding new construction was not an option.

In these situations, Western Pacific Storage Solutions’ experts encourage companies to expand vertically as it’s more cost-effective to make use of the space they already have. In this case, the only unused square footage in the facility was the open space looming above the printing and production equipment. The solution was a work platform (mezzanine).

Typically, adding vertical storage would be straightforward for engineers at Western Pacific Storage Solutions. However, this scenario came with uniquely challenging complexities.

  • The room was at a tapered angle so the platform had to be adjusted to make it fit.
  • Drawings were off, putting work on pause to reconfigure – that also threw estimates off.
  • Usually, the floor would be cleared before work began, but not in this case. The production equipment could not be moved. It was a stressful situation, calling for extra measures to protect installers’ safety while they worked directly above the equipment – without disturbing or damaging it.
  • A walkway was needed to access the storage, which meant creating a pass-through in a wall.

Skillfully avoiding what could have been a nightmare situation, WPSS engineers customized a plan to fit the various configurations and requirements.

A lot of In-the-moment changes were made along the way as problems arose. In the end, the owner was pleased. He had the storage he envisioned.

WPSS added thousands of sq. ft. of additional storage space, proving whatever a customer needs, WPSS can figure a way to get it done.

About a second story storage option

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