WPSS’ Accu-Wall shelving helps warehouses keep pace with growing e-commerce demand

Accu-wall ShelvingE-commerce has been steadily overshadowing the brick and mortar shopping experience, with the pandemic further solidifying the global trend towards an online-dominated marketplace.

Though this shift to online commerce is a boon for many businesses, it also comes with new pressures for greater speed and accuracy at the warehouse and distribution-center level.

Western Pacific’s shelving offering, the Accu-Wall shelving system, was created with the intent to help material handling professionals get customers the equipment they need to keep up with evolving market demand.

With Accu-Wall shelving, fulfillment centers can reap the benefits of traditional WPSS shelving solutions, while tapping into the throughput optimizing powers of light-directed technology and enhanced pass-thru capacities.

Compatible with any pick-to-light or put-to-light systems (not manufactured by WPSS), Accu-Wall shelving allows operators to quickly and accurately track product locations and order fulfillment needs — allowing for significant reductions in human error and boosts in pick productivity. In turn, this optimized pick and pack throughput can help businesses offer customers that seamless omni-channel experience they seek, and resultantly, greatly increase ROI and customer satisfaction.

Accu-Wall shelving comes in 5’x5’ units, which can be joined with other units to create larger systems or subdivided into smaller units for more specialized sorting capacities.  And with three different shelving styles to choose from, as well as options for pass-thru or closed backs — Accu-Wall shelving systems can be designed to fit your unique applications.

With expanded manufacturing capacities at WPSS’ Kentucky facility, Accu-Wall shelving is now more readily available to our East Coast customers. Reach out to your WPSS regional manager today to talk more about how Accu-Wall shelving systems can help streamline your pick and pack workflow.

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