Accu-Wall shelving systems places pick-to-light or put-to-light tech right where you need it

May 18, 2024 9:55 am

Accu Wall Nordstrom
Location! Location! Location! That slogan has never been more relevant than with order fulfillment or sortation, or cross-docking systems, where the goal is smoother workflow and faster order processing times. To help meet that goal, Accu-Wall Shelving Systems from Western Pacific Storage Solutions (WPSS) integrates with virtually any manufacturer’s pick-to-light, put to voice or put-to-light electronic system.

That means production managers can utilize any space in a warehouse or distribution center to meet ecommerce demands for speed and accuracy. When integrated with light or voice-directed technology, an Accu-Wall system can increase pick rate productivity by roughly 40% compared to manual methods – and substantially reduce human error.

Accu Wall Shelving The flexible system design of Accu-Wall shelving plays a pivotal role in maximizing warehouse efficiency
Accu-Wall shelving system is based on 5’ x 5’ units that can be combined to create an endless range of storage solutions – from smaller specialized sorting areas to large continuous electronic put walls to cross-docking structures. Options like closed-back or pass-thru shelving help meet the unique requirements of diverse storage applications.

Use WPSS Accu-Wall shelving systems to reap the gains of light-directed technology
Light-directed technology is critical in maximizing the productivity and throughput of warehouse and order fulfillment centers.

WPSS’s Accu-Wall Shelving System is a strategic and affordable way to incorporate this technology into any area of an existing or future facility.
To learn how Accu-Wall shelving systems can increase ROI and customer satisfaction, contact your regional sales manager on the WPSS team.





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