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Western’s Accu-Wall shelving system for any put-to-light or pick-to-light technology

Accu-Wall shelving system

WPSS Accu Wall

The Western Pacific Accu-Wall shelving system. Accu-Wall integrates with any put-to-light or pick-to-light system you may obtain from those who manufacture light-directed technology.

It’s all about speed and accuracy in eCommerce.

At the warehouse and distribution center level, the Omni-Channel, consumer-centric experience requires optimized throughput and increased accuracy. Warehouse and order fulfillment centers must select shelving expressly designed to eliminate human error. Accu-Wall can help.

Western Pacific is responding to the growing market demand for affordable, throughput-maximizing options by leveraging the power of light-directed technology to extend the flexibility of their product range. The new…Read More


Western Pacific”s Mobile Accu-Wall

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