Advantages of Industrial Storage Bins

June 1, 2020 1:37 pm

In most of our articles we give focus to Closed and open steel shelving of different kinds, talking about materials and configurations. In this particular piece we’d like to address the many benefits of bin shelving units. The potential they carry for a more organized and efficient workspace is considerable. They are widely used in warehouses and manufacturing facilities due to the many benefits they bring.

Let’s go over them in more detail:

Storage Bins in Open Steel Shelving Keep Equipment Organized
Storage bins allow operations to keep tools and parts in an easy to manage and access categorized environment. When the search for parts and tools is eliminated, many hours a day are gained in worker or picker productivity which cannot possibly be overestimated.

These bins can also be used to store smaller inventory in an efficient and organized way. The dividers can be flexibly installed to adjust on 2” increments. This allows them to be custom designed to suit specific warehousing needs.

Using Bins Increases Workplace Productivity
This is of course a product of the previous point but deserves its own attention. Installing bin shelving units creates a more efficient work environment where fewer people can achieve more in less time simply because they can find their way around the place with ease and locate the items they need faster. Simple tracking of worker / picker moving distances across a workspace shows that an environment where bins are used can cut this parameter alone in half, resulting in a dramatic increase in effectivity.

The Best Bin Shelving Units
The Pacific bin units manufactured by Western Pacific Storage Solutions (WPSS) are versatile, with full height dividers to create individual storage locations. All WPSS products are custom manufactured for individual warehouse needs, and provide a scalable and durable solution to warehouse storage. We offer six classes of shelving types, from Class 0 to Class 2A to ensure that the custom solution is designed around individual weight and storage needs.

WPSS products can only be assembled or modified by a professional installation company, so it is vital to ensure that the specifications are suited to the warehouse needs early in the design process. Our engineers discuss comprehensive design solutions with warehouses on matters from warehouse flow speed, to mixed storage mediums, to maximum capacity and thru-put efficiency.

If you’d like to know more about our closed steel shelving and storage bin solutions, contact WPSS today.

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