All About Boltless Metal Shelving: Common Configurations, Uses, and Benefits

July 25, 2021 5:16 pm

Boltless metal shelving is a type of industrial storage configured without bolts or nuts. This shelving unit is designed for quick and easy assembly, helping companies to increase their efficiency and productivity. Users can adjust and reconfigure their boltless shelving systems to meet their specific application, making it a versatile option for every warehouse or storage space.

Uses of Boltless Metal Shelving
Boltless shelving systems are one of the most cost-effective means of utilizing unused overhead air space. Users can maximize their floor space to the fullest for more productive activities. With boltless shelving, companies can solve the problem of lack of storage in their warehouse and production facilities. However, they must ensure they identify and install the right shelving system.

Configurations of Boltless Metal Shelving
The components of most heavy-duty boltless shelving consist of posts, beams, shelving material, often particle board, and t-posts for joining shelving units together. Cross-bracing is not needed, allowing users to access this industrial shelving from all four sides as needed. Boltless metal shelving can be customized into a multitude of configurations, such as carts, desks, benches, and more. It becomes a reliable storage solution by simply adding or adjusting accessory-like wheels. Some of the common configurations for boltless metal shelving include:

  • Bulk Storage Units
  • Counter or Workstation Units
  • Bulky, Molding, or Long Parts Storage
  • Tire Racks
  • Packing Tables
  • Bin Storage Units
  • Stock and Service Carts

Benefits of Boltless Metal Shelving
Many companies are switching to heavy-duty boltless shelving because of its numerous advantages. Here are a few benefits of using this storage system.

Easy to Assemble and Install
Since industrial boltless shelves are boltless and don’t require cross-bracing, they are easier to assemble and install when done by professionals compared to most metal shelving units. An installer only needs a mallet for the installation process.

Another benefit of boltless metal shelving is that it is highly flexible and customizable. This shelving system can be customized to fit any warehouse space. It can also be designed to increase visibility yet offer a closed shelf. Regardless of a company’s production needs, its boltless shelving can be configured to meet those needs.

Boltless shelving is known for being highly durable. The boltless shelving parts are usually made from steel, making them extremely strong. This provides optimal support even when handling large products.

You don’t have to break the bank to get a boltless shelving system. Being cost-effective is crucial, as it allows users to save on storage space and their budget.

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