An Expertly Designed and Engineered Solution to Your Storage Needs

June 14, 2019 10:23 pm

An optimal warehouse is a critical aspect of a company’s success. If the layout, design, and industrial shelving systems employed are not efficient, strong, durable, and functional, this can affect warehouse productivity as well as a company’s bottom line.

To improve warehouse productivity, one needs well-designed and engineered storage. The industrial metal shelving, layouts, and other storage solutions that are used will vary depending upon a company’s needs. Here are several storage solutions to consider when optimizing a company’s warehouse.

Industrial Storage Shelving
The best storage systems are durable, strong, and versatile. They can be installed and configured in a warehouse in a variety of ways, creating a layout that is productive, functional, and efficient. Boltless shelving systems, for example, are durable and provide access on all sides, making it simple to find what is wanted and making it easy to grab various items.

When searching for industrial storage shelving, one wants to look for a solution that provides adequate weight capacity for a company’s needs, can be adjusted as these needs change, and that is heavy duty.

Mezzanines will quickly provide a company with additional square footage in a warehouse. Mezzanines are an excellent way to solve the problems of a growing operation without moving to a new building, having a disorganized warehouse, and more. Additionally, when it comes to this storage solution, there are several options available including an open lower area or an area filled with shelves. Mezzanines also boast high load-bearing capabilities, can be designed according to specific needs, and will meet all compliance standards.

Stairs, Railings, Gates
As you determine the best storage systems for a warehouse, storage shouldn’t be the only concern, safety should be of prime importance as well. One needs to create a work environment that is organized, efficient, and safe. Therefore, warehouse equipment such as steel stairs, gates, and railings must also be considered. These work hand-in-hand with warehouse storage systems, making it easy to access certain items, to prevent injuries, and to decrease the risk of damage to a company’s inventory.

At Western Pacific Storage Solutions, we understand that you need a storage solution that is simple, yet productive, efficient, durable, and safe. You need industrial metal shelving that provides the space and complements the design of the layout. If you need a lot of space quickly, a mezzanine should be at the top of your list.


To learn more about the various storage solutions available or if you have any questions, contact us today.


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