An introduction to the benefits of work platforms (mezzanines)

June 22, 2020 12:47 pm

A work platform (mezzanine) is one or more intermediate levels between the floor and ceiling of a story within a building. Its name is derived from the Italian word mezza for ‘half’ or ‘middle.’ They are excellent for increasing storage space and efficiency without requiring structural “foot-print” expansion. Several different types of work platforms, sometimes referred to as storage mezzanine platforms, can be used within a warehouse.

What is the function of a work platform (mezzanine)?
Work platforms (mezzanines) can be used for organized storage, efficient work operations, easy access to equipment and inventory, and conveyor access. They enable warehouses and distribution centers to add production floors and/or otherwise optimize existing space (where sufficiently high ceilings exist) without the cost of an actual building expansion.

Work platform systems, sometimes called mezzanine storage systems, can be used to organize supplies, inventory, equipment, paperwork, and even furniture to make warehouse fulfillment easy and efficient for employees. They provide elevated access for warehouse operators to find products and perform necessary maintenance and quality control. Usually, this type of work platform is found near areas that require easy and rapid access such as conveyor systems and key maintenance areas within the building.

Types of Work Platform Applications
Work platforms can be used in warehousing, storage, manufacturing and production facilities, and archive spaces. They are available in a variety of materials, with the most common options being steel, wood, and concrete. There are also common additions available to work platforms, including guardrails, handrails, and safety gates. The work platforms engineered by WPSS are manufactured exclusively in steel and are primarily designed for use in industrial and fulfillment warehouses.

Steel work platforms, or mezzanine platforms, are popular with industrial companies because they provide a strong and durable structure for the safe storage of products. They can be added to the existing building infrastructure.

A work platform (mezzanine) can be used to increase the amount of space on the warehouse floor. This can also be applied to other production and manufacturing spaces where employees require proximity to the production floor.

Benefits of Work Platforms
Work platforms provide several benefits for businesses/industry, including the following.

  • Increased storage space and efficiency
  • Enhanced warehouse organization and easier access to inventory
  • Additional space for meetings and employee support
  • Improved access to elevated equipment

Work platforms (mezzanines) provide an easy and beneficial addition to any industrial workspace to increase usable floor space within the building. They are a cost-effective alternative to the structural expansion of your existing building. For more information about custom work platforms, contact WPSS today at


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