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Western Pacific’s extensive experience in eCommerce might assist a project you’re contemplating

Does layout of storage equipment provide maximum capacity and thru–put efficiency in your operations? Has aisle size and equipment orientation between docks been carefully considered?

At Western Pacific, our engineers can work with your team to help provide the most efficient storage medium for quick moving product VS slow moving products.

They can talk to you about flow between reserve, prime locations and independent functions. From receiving to storage to conveying to packaging and back to shipping, talk to Western Pacific Storage Solutions about your overall eCommerce plan.

Not correct storage medium

BEFORE Note here that smaller products are not in the correct storage medium.  In today’s warehouses and distribution centers, space savings can fairly quickly translate into money savings and in this image, space is being wasted where the small products are stacked.

Correct storage medium

AFTER  In this situation, a correct mix of storage media is being utilized: shelving for small items and pallet rack for large items

Western Pacific Accu-Wall shelving system

Western’s Accu-Wall shelving system for any put-to-light or pick-to-light technology

The Western Pacific Accu-Wall shelving system. Accu-Wall integrates with any put-to-light or pick-to-light system you may obtain from those who manufacture light-directed tecnology.

It’s all about speed and accuracy in eCommerce.

At the warehouse and distribution center level, the Omni-Channel, consumer-centric experience requires optimized throughput and increased accuracy. Warehouse and order fulfillment centers must select shelving expressly designed to eliminate human error. Accu-Wall can help.

Western Pacific is responding to the growing market demand for affordable, throughput-maximizing options by leveraging the power of light-directed technology to extend the flexibility of their product range. The new…Read More

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