Hospitality & Food Services

Hospitality & Food Services


Hospitality and food services require storage solutions for everything from paper towels and linens to food and beverage.

With its 30+ year history, the Western Pacific team is uniquely experienced to respond with seasoned knowledge to operations that require attention to efficiency and economy.




Engineering Convenience: Western Pacific Develops Innovative Storage Space on Behalf of Popular Beverage Manufacturer

Client: Producer of globally popular energy drinks

Problem: The manufacturer was experiencing a range of problems at one North American location where various corporate assets: IT and HR records, finance and consumer affairs data, videos, proprietary marketing materials, tapes of commercials, and branded items for high-profile sports events were being stored. Issues included incidents of theft by employees, and problematic access to inventory which was impeding workflow.

Solution: Retailer/WPSS’ dealer and Western Pacific created inward-facing rows of shelving, and design engineers added back, and side panels to create individual 'departmental' cages with individual key-locking doors. Each cage is keyed differently, and doors swing outward to maximize usable space. Theft is deterred, and access to inventory is optimized.

Benefits: Western Pacific's Pacific shelving with compression clips was selected for the project. The clips provide bolt-free assembly, and facilitate easy shelving adjustments. Pacific shelving can be easily fitted with additional bracing for seismic applications. Permitting was obtained for a second level, and the structure was designed for the next level to be added in the future. Now theft problems are a thing of the past, and the beverage manufacturer can grow their inventory 'up' not 'out.'

WPSS Innovative Storage Space


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