Archive Management

Archive Management


Valuable assets as varied as thousands of boxes of financial or medical documents or thousands of original artworks on paper within a museum environment to thousands of movies and documentaries on film – all require careful and unique archival consideration.

The Western Pacific team has worked with design specialists to create customized storage systems for archives within libraries, hospitals, research laboratories, the Academy of Motion Picture, Arts and Sciences, museums, banking institutions and more.

You can rely upon their sensitivity to your next archive management project.


Film Archive Storage employs Pacific-brand shelving

Client: An Entertainment Archive Distribution Center

Problem: This Release Print Company provides a broad range of audio-
visual post production, duplication and distribution services. Due to increasing demand, a new facility in Los Angeles was envisioned and a design consultant retained to create the plans. Integral to the design was a system that could accommodate the company’s vast inventory of film. The consultant thought a high-bay storage system utilizing rolling ladders would be best.

Solution: Western Pacific reevaluated the situation. Redesigning the concept and employing a catwalk system, a full CAD layout drawing was given to the client explaining the benefits. The client and design consultant were both impressed, and extremely satisfied. Accordingly, WPSS executed the plan utilizing Pacific steel clip shelving.

Benefits: With the catwalk system, personnel could pull faster and more efficiently, enabling them to accomplish more with less people. Aisles were cut down to three feet instead of over five. More film was fit into the cube, enabling the company to generate more revenue. Western Pacific helped maximize the space by getting twice as much into the building as originally thought possible. The design also turned out to be more economical, thus providing the client with a higher return on investment (ROI).

Archive storage


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