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WPSS knows that efficient / effective storage of parts in the automotive industry is essential

Those running automotive repair operations or new-car manufacturing understand the need to have parts of any size close to hand.  Close-to-hand can mean that the part is on-site or it can mean that the part is needed within a few inches or feet of the user.

From the very large to the tiniest of parts, all parts need to be stored sensibly and smartly so they can be retrieved ideally in seconds or in less than a couple minutes.

Slide Seismically-sound multi-level shelving engineered to hold hazardous materials

Client: Automotive parts distributor

Problem: Storage was needed to store aerosol products and other hazardous automotive materials within seismically-active parts of the country.

Solution: To meet the high-seismic design requirements, double back and side-sway braces were provided. We also had to add a concealed reinforcement channel to the lower extremity of the already robust high-rise box post. We solved this problem with a unique grill-style shelf that had the capacity to store a wide range of products. This structure required custom-engineered components.

Benefits: WPSS customer service, engineering and manufacturing maintained open lines of communication through every step of the process with the project designer and end-users. Western Pacific’s in-house engineering and manufacturing capacities delivered the storage systems in an efficient, just-in-time basis. Completed facilities were examined and quickly approved by inspectors.
Seismically sound multi level


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