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Distribution is all about speed-to-market.  Every aspect of the distribution center must be considered for speed; how to move product from point a to point b, how to sort and repackage product and move it out efficiently.

The Western Pacific team is consistently immersed in considering the issues of speed-to-market inside of a distribution center and recommend storage solutions that keep this in mind with every proposal/quotation request.

We welcome you to read below about time savings and cost savings authored by Western Pacific Storage Solutions for distribution centers across this nation.


Low-profile Shelving is Perfect Fit for Global Clothing Retailer with Multiple Distribution Centers

Client: Global clothing retailer

Problem: End-user/retailer discovers they do not have budget to implement the clip-type steel shelving they had stipulated to be installed in their distribution centers nationwide.

Solution: Retailer/distributor is persuaded to consider low-profile RiveTier shelving from WPSS. A detailed study of what was being stored was executed; the end result was that the retailer observed RiveTier product functionality was all that was needed to support the liteweight clothing items being stored. Further, once the end-user visited a large facility that had RiveTier units, they did not see the logic for pursuing the clip type steel shelving because their specific application was geared more towards RiveTier where they enjoyed a significant savings over material and installation costs of the clip-style.

Benefits: Significant savings in both materials and installation were experienced for a lower-profile product to an application that did not require the heavy-duty clip type steel shelving the enduser had originally wanted. After placing the order for RiveTier, the global retailer/distributor was significantly under budget which allowed them to purchase additional low-profile RiveTier shelving they needed elsewhere.

Low profile shelving


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