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For decades, Western Pacific Storage Solutions has listened to the needs of educational facilities and campuses.

Our space-specialists have then worked with our distributors, dealers and the end-users to provide innovative space-saving solutions for the benefit of all academic stakeholders.


Slide Deluxe storage for library Deluxe storage for library

Client: A Northeastern public university

Problem: Considering constructing a new library due to lack of space, a public university shared their need for expansion that would accommodate their book collections, a multifunctional learning center, including space for computers and printing stations, and administration space.

Solution: A variety of WPSS High density Long Span Shelving provided a practical and cost-effective solution to the library space dilemma. By maximizing space efficiency in collection areas, more space was freed up in computer, administration, and reading areas.

Benefits: The storage solution not only enabled the University to scrap their construction plans, but saved time, money, and the hassles of construction for everyone on campus.


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