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The sales and engineering professionals at Western Pacific Storage Solutions have worked with design specialists to create customized storage systems for military ordnance on military bases, case-record storage for police departments and customized platform structures for the training of fire fighters.

Discretion, innovation and creativity are hallmarks of the WPSS team’s response to any project serving a government entity.


Western Pacific’s Work Platform supports U.S. military’s unique storage solution designed by McMurray Stern

Client: Military bases

Problem: The U.S. military has storage containers in which they keep weapons, all manner of munitions, equipment and supplies at the ready. The special containers can be loaded onto a ship, plane or truck to immediately support troops practically at a minute’s notice. They’re completely stocked according to individual battalions and each battalion’s specific needs. Rather than having the containers stacked on top of each other, the military wanted to be able to service and refresh each one without having to take down an entire stack with a fork-lift. The military’s fork lifts had a specific length of reach, with only about 4” of space between the beam above it and the container. This was a most difficult feature of the customer’s requirement. Lastly, the storage solution at some military bases needed to be engineered differently than other military bases due to seismic considerations, but the solution could not perform differently because the containers are interchangeable around the world.

Solution: WPSS engineered a work platform (mezzanine) from which containers can be reached by stairs and a cat-walk system; it is seismically engineered to deliver the same performance as platforms in other regions with a history of less seismic activity.

Benefits: Because the government customer has expressed their happiness with their newly found ease of use and greater efficiency in terms of getting into and out of these storage containers, McMurray Stern has been hired to deliver many other similar, yet varied structures.

U.S Military Storage


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