Though manufacturing as an industry faces a skilled labor shortage,  manufacturing thrives in many sectors amid a demand for products manufactured in North America.

Western Pacific, working beside its dealers and distributors, has worked with many North American manufacturers facing a shortage of space for storing product prior to shipping.  Via its excellent line of shelving and work platform (mezzanine) storage solutions, Western Pacific Storage Solutions contributes to the cost-effective handling of a myriad of manufactured products.


How a 2-level RiveTier catwalk and shelving system improves throughput speed for a medical supply manufacturer

Client: Global medical equipment manufacturer

Problem: Determining the pluses and minuses of a catwalk-shelving storage solution VS vertical-carousel storage.

Solution: Catwalk systems enable greater density; you can increase storage capacity with the same density. Operationally, many have come to learn that you can double the output with a RiveTier catwalk system.

Benefits: Because the manufacturer requested that 20% growth be factored for all their storage facilities, WPSS’ distributor showed the medical equipment manufacturer how they could consolidate surgical device and patient care products they were storing in pallet rack and achieve greater efficiency with industrial shelving and a catwalk system. Moving pallet rack over to make room for small parts better-off-stored in 4” bins on RiveTier shelves—was a cost-saving and space-saving move.

2 Level RiveTier Catwalk


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