Water, gas, power-generation, telephone and cable companies all require custom storage solutions for their documents and physical assets.

The Western Pacific team has worked with utilities to save space, create space without adding to square footage and aid their retrieval of stored objects in a greatly enhanced and efficient way.

When savings are the objective, turn to the industry’s most robust engineering team – turn to Western Pacific.


Work Platform (mezzanine) for Electricity & Gas Distribution Storage

Client: A Northeastern Utility Provider

Problem: In order to accommodate the company’s continuing expansion, this utility provider needed to consolidate storerooms, while at the same time avoiding new construction, or the expense of a move.

Solution: Western Pacific showed them how to move up, not out, by consolidating existing storerooms and installing modular storage systems that proved to be much more efficient. In order to provide more office space, the storeroom was relocated to another building with a 22 foot ceiling. This permitted the installation of a two-level work platform (mezzanine) that took advantage of the high ceiling by converting from shelves to vertical storage.

Benefits: In effect, WPSS’ work platform (mezzanine) doubled the capacity of the former storeroom, although the floor area space was approximately the same.

Work platform Mezzanine


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