Arranging storage units with the help of boltless shelving

June 14, 2020 10:00 am

When looking to expand a warehouse’s storage space, consider using boltless industrial shelving. The design of the shelving is durable and allows for the structure to offer stability. Plus, the shelving offers four-sided accessibility. While other shelving types from other companies might cause issues or instability, boltless shelving from Western Pacific Storage Solutions will not. When choosing this type of shelving expect to receive a system that is ready to hold just about anything.

No matter the size and layout of the warehouse the shelving is being manufactured for, it needs to be organized well. E-Commerce warehouses that do large daily quantities of order fulfilment need shelving that will integrate with their warehouse management system. Ensuring that the boltless shelving is arranged in a uniform layout while ensuring that space is left for machinery and workers to make their way around is one method of improving warehouse efficiency. If products are raised high, it might be necessary to use a forklift to get items down. Having uniform shelves can help avoid potential hazards from occurring while operating machinery.

Boltless Shelving Solutions
Boltless shelving offers a wider span of access than other sorts of shelving such as steel or wood. Boltless shelving also provides hooking points so the units can be arranged as desired. To assist in figuring out the perfect layout, the expert engineers at WPSS can assist.

As mentioned, boltless shelving can be assembled by professional installers and is highly durable. Therefore, this shelving can take on the heavyweights! If heavy items need to be accessible, creating the perfect layout with boltless shelving can assist in ensuring products can easily be unloaded and placed where needed.

Who Should Use Boltless Shelving?
Any warehouse can benefit from boltless shelving, but Third Party Logistics Companies (3PLs) will reap significant benefits. Boltless shelving is an accessible and flexible storage solution for 3PLs. The accessibility of this shelving allows for easy access when forklifts are used to remove items. 3PLs can ensure that their client products are secured when they use boltless industrial shelving.

Boltless Steel Shelving Solutions
At Western Pacific Storage Solutions (WPSS), we are a manufacturer that offers RiveTier boltless shelving systems. With a wide variety of shelving solutions to choose from, we have the expertise to provide custom storage solutions for various warehouse needs and configurations.  Our shelving can handle long spans and low profiles. Plus, customers can expect to save up to 30 to 40 percent on bolted shelving than they can anywhere else.


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