Automated warehouse racking systemRiveTrN eliminates miles of walking in warehouse to pick product

RiveTrN is an autonomous mobile robot rack unit designed to fit most Goods-to-Person Robots

  • RiveTrN is an integral part of the warehouse of the future—it helps to reduce light, heat, humans, personal vacation days, etc.  All without the need for human beings.
  • RiveTrN comes in a variety of sizes to fit your AMR.
  • RiveTrN is great for quick turnarounds.  Bar-coding and access enable many more “turns”.  How quickly can the warehouse turn something – sell it and replace it?  ROI is all about the number of turns.

RiveTrN facilitates tomorrow’s automated warehouse

  • RiveTrN is a vehicle by which products get moved around inside the warehouse – Think about a robotic system that fetches and packs merchandise—now think that RiveTrN can carry that merchandise from the shelving pick mod to the AccuWall pick-to-light system.
  • WPSS takes you to the next level by completing concepts of automation.  Without RiveTrN, you could not leverage AMRs.  Without WPSS AccuWall, you could not leverage put to light and put to voice.  AccuWall is another WPSS product that contributes to or completes a picking system within the warehouse when mated with humans on one side and RiveTrN on the other side.  Without WPSS High-Bay, you could not leverage wire-guided man-aboard or narrow aisles…etc.
  • RiveTrN completes the transporting system, together with the AMR.  The AMR could not transport all unto itself and RiveTrN could not transport all unto itself.  Together, they complete a transporting system or they create an inter-warehouse transporting system.

RiveTrn AMR Shelving

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