Benefits of Open Shelves for Storage

July 28, 2021 5:31 pm

When it comes to industrial-level storage requirements, there are many options available, like closed cabinets, open shelving, and baskets. All are popular choices to match different needs, and each option has its benefits and drawbacks.

Closed cabinets can conceal clutter and provide a sense of organization, but they can also feel cramped and limiting for some products. With open steel shelving, everything is visible, which can help manage fulfillment. Baskets are a great way to keep things tidy, but they take up floor space and can be difficult to move around. Here we explore the benefits of using open shelves for storage.

Versatile and Robust Structure
Industrial shelving and work platforms require professionals to undertake the task of installation. However, they will be strong and reliable once the installation is done according to industry standards.

Another benefit of open shelves is that they can be easily customized for height and width to fit specific needs. This makes them a great option for tight spaces where different-sized shelves for different items are needed. If or when needed, bins can also be added to them to transform them into bin shelving units for smaller items.

Open steel shelving comes in boltless configurations of post styles or beam styles, which makes it highly versatile. In beam styles, they can withstand loads of up to 1400 lbs according to the thickness and strength of the beams. Some of its salient features are:

  • Standard T-posts are a cheap option for constructing a starter or adder system.
  • Since there is no swing or cross bracing, entry is possible from all sides.
  • No supplementary structures are needed; they are entirely freestanding.
  • The 14-gauge steel used for most of the components is of the highest quality.
  • Four different beam types meet all the capacity needs.

Maximum Airflow from All Sides
One of the benefits of open shelves is that they allow for maximum airflow compared to other shelving solutions. This is especially important in warehouses, where a warm or hot environment can affect some products. Open shelves allow air to circulate, which can help keep products cooler. This also helps alleviate problems with mold and mildew that warehouses can often experience.

Easy Access
Another benefit of open shelving is that it provides easy access to the items on it from all sides. Everything is within reach, which can not only save time but also increase the efficiency of work. It’s especially useful in the narrow lanes between the shelves, where access can be difficult for pickers and forklifts.

Less Expensive
Open steel shelving is more cost-effective than most alternatives without compromising on quality. It requires less material to manufacture than closed steel shelving, allowing more items to fit into the same space. This can help make the most of storage space and avoid costly expansion projects. Open shelving units are also critical for food, medicine, and agricultural products requiring consistent airflow.

Open shelves are a great storage option because they are strong, airy, and accessible. WPSS offers custom design and manufacturing for industrial shelving requirements. Please visit our website for more information on versatile and robust shelving solutions.


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