WPSS: Providing the Best Freestanding Utility Shelves

April 21, 2021 1:06 pm

One of the greatest options for warehouses looking for more storage is a free-standing metal shelf. These shelves are sturdy, built to last, and add high value to warehouses. Freestanding metal storage shelves are an effective way of adding storage space.

At Western Pacific Storage Solutions, we sell the best freestanding utility shelves, steel stairs, and more! Why does a warehouse need metal storage shelves? Metal is a great material that takes a long time to degrade.

Why Choose a Freestanding Utility Shelf?

Freestanding utility shelves are the perfect solution to storage needs. They are the perfect choice for organizing everything in a business’s storage facility. Many items can be stored on these shelves, including:

  • Warehouse Supplies
  • Overstock
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Broken Equipment
  • New Equipment

Metal Storage Shelves

Metal storage shelves are the best freestanding utility shelves available. WPSS uses steel, one of the strongest metals, in all shelving products. Steel is durable and can hold a heavier weight. It is the perfect metal for storage shelves, especially for warehouses that are stocking heavy products with big boxes and large containers.

Some of our industrial metal shelves are comprised of double-deck storage shelving units with grated catwalks and aisles. This allows companies to be able to move products up rather than expanding outward, leaving more space for employees to walk through their storage facilities. Our industrial storage systems are made of high-density steel and are the perfect solution to storage and expansion needs.

Industrial metal storage shelves can hold more than typical steel shelves. Typical shelves can hold hundreds of pounds. Our shelves are made completely from steel and can be built to most heights required.

Our industrial metal shelves meet IBC and OSHA specifications. Western Pacific also has stairs, handrails, gates, and standard and double returns. There is more information about our metal storage shelves on our Pacific – Steel Shelving page.

Industrial Metal Shelves We Sell

Western Pacific Storage Solutions currently offers four main types of storage shelves. They are:

  1. Open Units
    Our open units have an open design to allow easy stocking and retrieval. A compression clip provides bolt-free assembly and makes shelf adjustment easy.
  2. Closed Units
    Our closed units are similar to the open units but have a solid metal backpiece and side enclosing panels. They have a clean appearance for office use.
  3. Bin Units
    Bin units utilize full-height dividers to create small, individual storage bins.
  4. Multi-Level Systems
    Our multi-level systems are heavy-duty and meet OSHA standards.

Contact Western Pacific Storage Solutions to learn more about our shelves today!

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