Boltless Shelving Solutions for the Automotive Industry

November 10, 2018 7:16 pm

Boltless shelving was designed with function and cost in mind. The automotive industry needs incredibly strong boltless shelving to be able to handle the various shapes and sizes of car parts and equipment. You have the ability to create your own custom design with expert consultation to better understand exactly what your business needs in terms of storage. Once you’ve figured that out, you’ll be well on your way to creating a boltless shelving structure that will compliment your warehouse.

Why It Works
Boltless steel shelving stands out from other shelving solutions because of its unique features. For the automotive industry, special areas for moldings, exhaust pipes, tires, bumpers, and much more can be erected. These systems can adapt to your changing environment as your company grows. Numerous accessories can be added to customize the layout to fit perfectly with your company.

Although this type of shelving is great for the automotive industry, it can also be used for multiple other professions for easy, customizable storage.

A boltless shelving system has a ton of different features that are equally necessary to maximize your warehouse’s storage. As long as the storage experts with whom you are working can help you determine the specific details you’re looking for in a storage solution, you will be able to find the right system for your company.

Four-Sided Access:
Four-sided access allows for employees to have contact with products from all angles. This makes handling products much more efficient, as you won’t need to maneuver through multiple boxes to find what you’re looking for. There is no sway or cross bracing, making it easier to accommodate any type of storage you need.

Extremely Versatile:
The steel used in these systems is often very tough and versatile, meaning they can handle a lot of weight. You can purchase boltless shelving that will withstand all capacities you’re in need of, including heavy-duty posts for catwalk applications. These systems can then be shaped to whatever qualifications you may need.

At Western Pacific Storage Solutions, we have the RiveTier Boltless Steel Shelving system that can maximize the potential of your existing space with units that can be transported and installed by professionals. Contact us today for more information on this and other steel shelving solutions.

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