CASE STUDY: OʼReilly Auto Parts

March 13, 2015 2:14 pm

Requirement: Seismically sound multi-level shelving engineered to hold hazardous materials
Participants: Western Pacific Storage Solutions & Fortna Partner on DC

When Missouri-based O’Reilly Auto Parts purchased CSK Automotive, the merger of the two companies presented O’Reilly with a number of distribution-related strategic and tactical challenges. Not the least of these challenges was the need to remodel select facilities to meet O’Reilly’s business model, and to construct new distribution centers to support the growing O’Reilly organization. To handle the integration, O’Reilly partnered with distribution experts, Fortna, who in turn, selected Western Pacific Storage Solutions ( from an array of leading shelving manufacturers to craft and deliver tough, seismically sound multi-level shelving for select DCs. The systems needed to integrate components engineered for the special storage requirements including aerosol products and other hazardous materials.
Fortna selected Western Pacific’s Deluxe Box Shelving System. The Deluxe System provided a platform for flexibility, with two different post styles giving Fortna a range of options for heavy-duty, multilevel applications:

“Western Pacific Storage Solutions engineers and personnel are flexible, responsive, and are serious about problem solving.”

– Rod Stites, Fortna Senior Project Manager
  •  The Deluxe System’s vertical shelf adjustability in 1-inch increments met Fortna’s need to make the most of all
    available storage space.
  •  For the projects, Western Pacific’s in-house design team engineered custom system components.
  • All components were designed around each distribution center’s unique requirements. A number of tactical and structural challenges were involved in the design and construction process as two of the O’Reilly distribution centers were geographically located in areas where the probability of significant seismic activity is high.

OʼReilly Auto PartsMike Guererro, Western Pacific’s Vice President of Engineering explains: “in order to meet the high seismic design requirements, we needed to provide double back & side sway braces. We also had to add a concealed reinforcement channel to the lower extremity of our already robust high rise box post. We solved this problem with a unique grill- style shelf that had the capacity to store a wide range of products. This structure required custom engineered components. Not all shelving manufacturers are willing or able to take on the task of designing a shelving structure for such a specialized application.” Bruce Midkiff, Fortna Design Engineer said,
“I’ve been a project manager for 13 years, and over that time period I’ve worked with a number of vendors and manufacturers. One thing you learn over the course of any project is how those with whom you partner respond to challenges – that single factor can make all the difference.”

Because of stringent time constraints, Fortna knew that Western Pacific’s engineering and manufacturing capacities could deliver the systems on an efficient, just-in-time basis. Western Pacific Storage Solutions supported Fortna’s accelerated time frame, meeting O’Reilly’s goal to bring on line and synchronize a fully integrated, efficient distribution network.

“Western Pacific takes ownership of each project’s design and manufacture. We have tight deadlines and frequently work on projects simultaneously. We don’t have wide margins and have to lean on our partners to meet our engineering and delivery deadlines. On-time delivery of storage systems is critical.  In addition, we buy entire systems ready-to-go, we don’t have time to chase down parts and part numbers. Western Pacific delivers quality product on time. They maintain open lines of communication through every step of the process, and we appreciate their commitment to follow-up via on-site debriefings post-project.”

– Bruce Midkiff, Fortna Design Engineer

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