CEO Storage Talk by Tom Rogers

May 18, 2024 10:10 am

WPSS CEO Tom RogersInfrastucture for Automated WarehousesStorage & Retrieval infrastructure for the automated warehouse

Today’s warehouse that has inked its first investment in automation is an exciting place.  Operations anticipates a few road bumps, but largely, they look forward to improvements in efficiencies.

As with all change, related opportunities appear on the horizon.  At Western Pacific Storage Solutions, we offer a diverse selection of solutions crafted to respond to those related opportunities.  We welcome the opportunity to support you with solutions that can empower businesses to thrive within the fast-paced consumer market by enhancing the warehouses’ investment in automation:  Your AMR team will be exponentially more efficient with WPSS’ RiveTrN.  Your automated conveyor system can be made more efficient and safer with WPSS’ crossover bridges, etc.

For automated storage and retrieval infrastructure, explore our catalog, featuring Accu-wall shelving engineered to seamlessly interface with Put-to-Light or Pick-to-Light systems, SureSTEP conveyor platforms for smooth material handling, SureSTEP crossover bridges and gates for streamlined navigation, RiveTier boltless shelving for narrow aisles and deck overs, and Deluxe box shelving for efficient space utilization.

Our WPSS infrastructure products offer numerous benefits, including significant labor savings, minimized personnel movement, reduced handling of items, heightened accuracy, and diminished error rates. Experience the transformative impact of our products on your AS/RS setup, resulting in measurable ROI gains. Click here to discover our innovative product infrastructure designed to optimize your automated order fulfillment processes.


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