CEO Storage Talk – Warehouse of the Future

May 18, 2024 10:46 am

WPSS CEO Tom RogersFor the past three years, I’ve been writing about the “warehouse of the future”, pushing my team to think about the future in which warehouses will need to operate, knowing that efficiency was at the center of every future strategy.

And because efficiency was going to be at the center of the future, we knew that robotics and the automated warehouse was an environment that Western Pacific Storage Solutions needed to support.

I wrote that “we need to think about the workarounds our warehouses will need… and I pointed out that we needed to think about automation that may operate autonomously”.

Now this past year, we’ve seen teams of AMRs arriving in warehouses.  And, Western has responded with its RiveTrN shelving, specifically to support your investment in AMRs.

WPSS’ RiveTrN shelving unit and your chosen AMR come together in a seamless collaboration that significantly enhances warehouse movement for end users.

Standard Duty Shelving, 5 ShelvesWhen RiveTrN is hand-loaded—it’s been assigned to an individual who has loaded it and then it can move to the WPSS AccuWall (a put wall using pick-to-light tech) and then someone fills the cubbies with the desired inventory and then on the other side, someone places the product onto the conveyor.  RiveTrN is a vehicle (atop and AMR) to get the product from one end of the warehouse to the other end of the warehouse.

AccuWall is another WPSS product that contributes to or completes a picking system within the warehouse when deployed with humans on one side and RiveTrN on the other side.

Warehousing is advancing through automation-forward thinking, facilitating the liberation of human resources from repetitive tasks and enabling a transition towards more creative activities. This approach seeks to optimize operational efficiency by leveraging automation to facilitate the reduction of routine responsibilities, thereby empowering humans to engage in higher-value endeavors.

WPSS products like RiveTrN are fundamental building blocks of warehouse infrastructure, contributing significantly to the completion and optimization of the overall system.

We will continue to imagine what the future looks like so that WPSS can support you and help keep your operations efficient – because time matters.

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