Choosing the best suited steel shelving for distribution centers

May 13, 2020 1:15 pm

Do you have a distribution center that requires a bit of an interior design job? Many businesses often do not even realize that their inefficiencies in productivity come from a lack of proper organization. Heightening a warehouse’s design using steel storage shelving, is the ultimate way to boost productivity and streamline the look and operations of your company.

How To Choose?
When looking at the various types of industrial storage shelving, it can be overwhelming to determine which one will be the best solution for a business. Depending on the type of industry and the types of product and services a company offers, the industrial steel shelving needed within a facility could drastically differ from another business. The best method for deciding on a type of steel storage shelving is researching and talking to the experts.

Two of the main options that experts will talk about is choosing between closed and open. Outlined below is a bit of information regarding the benefits of each.

The main reason businesses opt for closed industrial storage shelving is the heightened protection they provide to goods. As the shelf will be surrounded on all but one side with paneling, hazardous goods can safely be stored along with goods that require limited contact with other goods in the facility.

A closed option is also great for anything fragile as the extra siding prevents it from falling. This option also limits access, which can be excellent for organization and traffic flow within the warehouse as you won’t have workers trying to grab items from the wrong side. If a facility requires something more accessible, it is best to choose from the open styles.

While closed options only allow access from one side, open steel storage shelving can be extremely beneficial for warehouses that need access to their goods from all sides. These are similar to wire models and none of the shelves are enclosed. These are often great options for warehouses that tend to store their items in clear bins that allow workers to quickly identify objects on the shelf.

One of the things you must consider when having these installed is that you only want to place items enclosed in their own safety packaging. You don’t have to worry about bulky items, as many open options are very durable.

Get an Expert’s Opinion
The best way to ensure that you will be making the right choice when it comes to warehouse industrial steel shelving is by working with an expert. The professionals at WPSS not only can provide you with knowledge, but also engineering and manufacturing.


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