Choosing the Right Shelving for better Distribution Center Optimization

July 14, 2019 8:16 pm

Rivet Shelves
Rivet shelves (at WPSS, you can get the original rivet shelf, known as RiveTier from the people who invented it.) are well known for their versatility and ease of assembly. They provide users with easy access and are also highly stable — rivet shelves can hold up to 1800 lbs per shelf or more, depending on the manufacturer (for example, WPSS’ RiveTier can handle loads up to 2400 lbs per shelf). These storage shelving solutions are made with solid steel frames and decking made of particleboard, wire, or plywood. For more support, shelf decks can also be made from solid steel.

Rivet shelves such as RiveTier are among the easiest to set up, meaning installers can have them ready for use in no time. Minimal hardware is required— though this is dependent on the inclusion of a center support piece. Rivet shelves come in a wide range of sizes, so one is likely to find an adequate size for one’s distribution center. Rivet shelves are also considered the optimum choice for high-density storage.

Rivet shelves (called RiveTier Boltless Shelving at WPSS – who originated the category) are offer the basics in shelving. Rivet shelf components are heavier than other shelf types, so they can cost more to ship. This isn’t an issue if shelving is bought locally. Rivet shelves are also not as customizable, without options for doors or dividers.
Steel Shelves
Steel shelves manufacturers recommend steel shelving even for applications outside of a typical warehouse setting. While they are, of course, highly effective for use at a distribution center, steel shelving is also an excellent choice for offices, garages, and tool cribs because of their high-density storage capacity.

Steel shelves are more easily adjustable than rivet shelves. Installation is efficient — installers use little more than a mallet. The shelving doesn’t require bolts, so users can safely change the distance between shelf decks in one-inch increments to create more space for bigger items. They are also considered the most customizable in a number of other aspects; you can make bin front, divider, door, and drawer modulations.

Metal shelving can be more expensive because of their weight-bearing capacity and ability to be customized. Accessories can also add up.

Are you still unsure of what type of shelving you need? Western Pacific Storage Solutions can help. Our team can help you design a shelving system that satisfies the needs of your operation, and your budget. Contact us today.

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