WPSS is Advancing Efficiency

June 19, 2023 6:09 pm

ProMat boothUPPER LEFT:
Western Pacifics Deluxe High-Bay steel shelving systems are cost-effective solutions to enable greater storage efficiency. By leveraging space, WPSS High Bay shelving systems allow opportunity to expand operations, consolidate and maximize inventory storage, while keeping eCommerce operations organized and easily accessible.

By leveraging the power of light or voice-directed technology, the WPSS Accu-Wall pick-to-light shelving is designed to help eliminate human error and increase order fulfillment accuracy and speed. Accu-Wall shelving enables pick-to-voice’s greater pass-thru capacities: productivity is increased by around 40% compared to manual methods.

WPSS “Shelving Pick Modules” are engineered specifically with this new economy of eaches in mind. By utilizing the available overhead space and creating specified, compact units for product storage, WPSS “Shelving Pick Modules” enable more efficient movement of SKUs, as well as, offer significant gains in useable space on the floor and in the air.

With SureSTEP’s characteristically long spans and high load-bearing capacities, WPSS work platforms are able to sustain heavy conveyor parts on the top floor while offering maximized unobstructed space on the bottom floor. With WPSS’ expert design and engineering teams, SureSTEP work platforms can create the most coherent warehouse organization.

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