Considerations for Managing Warehouse Inventory

December 27, 2019 6:17 pm

An inventory is difficult enough to manage when it is in one warehouse or storage space. If it is spread across several spaces, the first thing to consider is the consolidation of all of the various spaces into one main warehouse. It’s surprising how this solves a number of possible complications and increases time and cost savings. Some other things to take into account when streamlining inventory management are product arrangement, boltless shelving depth and access, incorporating work areas, and storage solutions.

Product Arrangement
It is important to organize and arrange the products by type into areas so that order fulfillment requires less walking and can be completed rapidly. This will also reduce operation costs.

Shelving Access
For RiveTier shelving, employees can access products for fulfillment or stock product from any side of a boltless shelving unit. This makes for endless possible configurations and designs. They are made from tough 14-gauge steel, so there is no need for additional support. Boltless steel shelving units are freestanding, which makes them versatile in a number of different arrangements, and the four-beam design can accommodate any capacity.

Incorporating Work Areas
These boltless industrial shelving systems can be arranged with the proper decking to create work stations throughout the warehouse for the following purposes: packing centers, quality assurance, shipping stations, assembly benches, and computer areas or for any other work purpose. Because these use the same boltless shelving, they make for seamless transitions throughout the warehouse. They are designed ergonomically and can be grounded, keeping the safety and comfort of employees in mind, and best of all, they improve workflow and processing times.

Storage Solutions

Decking and Accessories
The decking choices for this boltless industrial shelving include metal shelving, wire grating and particleboard. There are several options for different types of product storage. Each area of the design could have different decking, taking the product type, and unit size and weight into account. The existing floor space can be economically maximized by using boltless shelving. Some examples of the accessories available to keep products organized include aisle ties, tire cleats, hang bars, telescoping shelf dividers and this is just the beginning. There are quite a few different accessories to choose from to keep the product organized and in place.

Multi-Level Systems: Catwalks and Mezzanines
Building upwards towards the ceiling is an excellent way to make the most of utility costs and maximize existing square footage. A multilevel boltless steel shelving storage system with catwalks can create a more expedient system for arranging inventory in a warehouse. These are designed with safety in mind, with railings, gates, and staircases so that employees have peace of mind while navigating the upper level or levels. Some warehouses have a need for a clean room, a quiet workspace, or a supervisor’s office with a view of the floor. In this case, adding a mezzanine level with an enclosed room is an excellent option, taking advantage of ceiling height and addressing the specific needs of the warehouse itself.

The team of specialized engineers at Western Pacific Storage Solutions will work with you to design the layout of the warehouse, taking product arrangement, boltless industrial shelving depth and decking, and storage solution options into account to create the most efficient and cost effective warehouse for your inventory management needs. This will all be considered along with any government regulations and any applicable seismic considerations as well. To begin the discussion regarding your warehouse design or redesign using boltless industrial shelving, please contact us.

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