Cramped distribution center seeks to optimize throughput

October 15, 2021 8:26 am

Three-in-one vertical storage solution streamlines operations and saves >30% on expansion costs

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A Texas food distribution center, overflowing with dairy, beverage, confectionery, and foodservice goods was so crowded, it was difficult for employees to expediently execute their jobs.

Management knew that the time it took to inventory, restock, and fulfill orders was not what it should be or what it could be.

It was definitely time for a warehouse revamp. Time to declutter.

Instead of purchasing a bigger building or expanding outward, the company invested in the space they already had by calling in storage experts including Western Pacific Storage Solutions

Although Texas is well-equipped with work platform (mezzanine) manufacturers, the storage experts for this food service company knew of Western Pacific’s ease of doing business and range of storage products by way of Regional Sales Manager Zach Tannery. By choosing WPSS, this company was able to conveniently utilize three WPSS systems in one storage solution: the SureSTEP work platform (mezzanine), SureSTEP stairs, and Pacific shelving systems. Together, these three WPSS storage systems were engineered into one WPSS work platform (mezzanine), enabling the company to double their square footage (with two floors where formerly there was only one), and declutter their inventory.

  • The SureSTEP work platform (mezzanine) installed is 50’x 35’ and comprises galvanized bar grating decking to help maximize ventilation and durability.
  • Both sides of the work platform (mezzanine) are furnished with 36” wide tread SureSTEP IBC compliant stairs to allow for convenient access.

To help systematize their workspace for restocking and fulfillment, Pacific shelving units were installed on the upper and lower deck of the work platform (mezzanine).

  • These shelves are formed of heavy gauge steel for maximum weight-bearing capacities and feature a shelf clip design for ease of installation and repositioning. Together, these three WPSS products allowed the end-user to expand usable space, and create a versatile organizational system fit for the evolving needs of the company.

By employing WPSS storage systems, this end-user was able to save 30% (or more) of the cost of buying a new building or expanding their current one – while further streamlining throughput. They are very happy with the tremendous value-adding results.

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