Customization options for steel shelving

July 15, 2020 10:49 am

When choosing industrial steel shelving, it is most beneficial to opt for customizable shelving. Choosing customizable shelving and bin shelving units allows for higher organization and order in a warehouse. It is important to note that while the shelving design and shelf size can be customized, once the shelving is constructed it cannot be easily changed.

But shelving has different varieties, including open steel shelving, closed steel shelving and bin shelving units.

Open Access Shelving
Open steel shelving has no side or back panels so that items on the shelves can be accessed from any position, whether back, front, or side. Side and end-sway braces on high quality open unit shelving provide lock-down rigidity for storing bulky or over-sized items safely and securely.

Closed Access Shelving
Closed steel shelving has side and back panels so that the items on the shelves can only be accessed from one side. With closed units, products can be assigned definite spaces from which they are picked and packed with certainty. Additional benefits include more stability and operational safety because of the closed sides and back.

Customize for Small and Large Storage Compatibility
When storing large and uniform objects like crates and boxes, either open or closed steel shelving units can be used.

However, if warehouse storage requirements include small pieces or objects, bin shelving units could provide the right solution. Bin shelving units are regular open or closed steel shelving units that have been modified or customized to have bins or boxes.

Bin shelving units are available in various configurations with dividers to hold in place small or breakable objects.

There are plenty of benefits to opting for customizable shelving. First of all, they will help to maximize the space available in the warehouse. With maximized space allotments, warehouse managers can save money by not seeking out more space to house growing inventories.

Warehouse workers can organize inventory much more effectively with customizable shelving since the storage solution can adapt to the product rather than vice versa. Workers will also be safer with a more effectively organized warehouse as materials are out of the way and paths are cleared.

Finally, with customizable shelving, the warehouse will operate at a higher efficiency level. There will be less bottlenecking at inventory points and fewer redundancies.

Customizable open or closed steel shelving and bin shelving units are both available from Western Pacific Storage Solutions, along with other warehouse storage products. Reach out to WPSS today to learn about how we can help.

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