Specialty-built Deluxe wire frame shelving solution optimizes apparel storage in retail stockroom

May 17, 2021 12:11 pm

Deluxe wire frame shelvingWestern Pacific was enlisted to help one of the nation’s largest retail corporations actualize specific apparel storage needs. Specifically, the retailer wanted a shelving system for their supply room that could integrate with their existing pallet rack platform. The goal was to transform their underutilized vertical stockroom space into organized apparel shelving, where clothing inventory could easily be pulled, sorted, and stocked in display-ready conditions.

The interesting component of this project was the retailer’s request to use wire shelving as the primary frame for the structure. Usually, industrial shelving systems necessitate the use of solid steel for the mainframe, to ensure adequate impact resistance. This is especially true for vulnerable earthquake areas, such as the location of this retailer. Yet, the retailer recognized the utility of having wire frames — to save on energy costs, prevent fires, and allow for superior ventilation with optimized air, dust, and light flow. Unlike other manufacturers, Western Pacific was ready to meet the challenge.

In the end, Western Pacific made two multi-level Deluxe heavy duty shelving systems with retail wire framing and hanger on garment (HoG) storage units. Solid steel shelves were used at the bottom of the bays for extra structural support. By using this solid steel buttressing, as well as seismic-sensitive Angle and Beaded posts, these wireframe systems were able to proficiently meet the rigorous seismic codes for the highly volatile earthquake zone. WPSS additionally pre-welded the engineered panels to the posts before shipment, allowing the end-user to save money on installation by circumventing the need for bolting.

Western Pacific is proud of this project, seeing as it showcases their distinctive ability to tackle the complex assignments and work with customers to evolve the industry. Contact your regional sales manager to learn how your custom-modifications can be met with Western Pacific’s pioneering services and industrial shelving equipment.

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