Dependable Shelving Solutions for Heavy Goods

May 17, 2020 10:18 am

Struggling to find a place to store heavy goods? Limited storage space is a common problem faced by many warehouses. Lack of space usually leads to inefficiencies in warehouses, slowing down business. Therefore, using the right shelving solutions is essential to maximize available storage capacity.

What’s the solution to this problem occurring across warehouses? Heavy duty shelving.

Heavy duty shelving is designed to withstand medium to heavy loads, regardless of the type of goods. These shelves are often lifesavers, as they are not only efficient but also help maximize the limited space available in the warehouse. Western Pacific’s Deluxe heavy duty shelving can be custom designed to fit any warehouse requirement. They’re not only cost effective but add a level of durability and longevity like no other storage solution.

From office files to heavy goods storage in warehouses and plants, heavy duty steel shelving is versatile enough to effectively solve storage issues in the smallest of backroom areas or any large distribution center. They can be assembled in such a way that they utilize the whole length and width of the warehouse.

At WPSS, there are a number of shelving solutions, such as:

  • Open Units
    Open units can save warehouse employees a lot of time. They allow quick access to inventory from the front, back or sides. Best part of it? Other inventory doesn’t need to be unloaded to access what is needed from the shelves. The open shelving also makes it easy to quickly see inventory and make quick notes. Deluxe Open Unit Shelving comes with side and end-sway braces that provide unmatched rigidity for storing bulky and oversized items safely and securely. The braces also offer additional stability for the most demanding applications.
  • Closed Units
    If open units don’t work for the space, closed units can meet your heavy duty commercial shelving needs. Often regarded as one of the greatest assets to have in a warehouse, Closed Unit shelves help organize products, eliminate the mixing of multiple products in a single space, and offer greater protection of products.
  • Bin Units
    Minimize clutter with a Bin Unit in the warehouse. This is the ideal solution for storage applications where separation of parts, containers or boxes is required for maximum efficiency.
  • Multi-Level Systems
    Lack of space? Not a problem with multi-level systems. The Deluxe Multi-Level Heavy Duty Shelving system is known for its long lasting strength and durability. This solution can also be customized as per your warehouse design – two levels, three levels, or deck-over systems to make the best of the space available.

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