Different kinds of industrial shelving and their uses

June 15, 2020 10:05 am

When it comes to industrial steel shelving, there are a variety of options available on the market. With multiple shelving types to choose from, it can be a challenge to decide on the best option. To ensure that the best option is chosen, it is essential to know the benefits of each type of industrial storage shelving. Here are four different types of shelving to research before making your purchase.

Steel Shelving
The most common industrial shelving material is steel. Steel shelving is the type most commonly used in warehouses and is versatile and ideal for many different types of inventory. The shelving configuration is customized before installation and can be used in a variety of ways based on demand and needs. The units within are easily accessible with closed backsides. Ensuring that shelving is the perfect option for an operation is essential. Items must be stored properly and safely out of concern for others. Steel shelving is beneficial for heavy items. If tires, large batteries, or heavy equipment need to be stored, then steel shelving is the best option.

Rivet Shelving
A boltless shelving option is rivet shelving. The RiveTier® shelving from Western Pacific Storage Solutions (WPSS) is suitable for bulk items and is extremely cost-effective. Similar to steel shelving, rivet shelving is perfect for heavier weight. The boltless design is frequently seen in the industrial shelving industry as it is a favorite option. RiveTier® systems have no sways or cross-bracings, allowing employees four-sided access to the products sitting on the shelves. This is especially useful for e-commerce warehouses that require quick and easy picking for efficient fulfillment.

Pacific Shelving – Industrial Storage and Steel Shelving Systems
At WPSS, custom storage shelving solutions are provided for a variety of industrial uses. There comes a time when a business realizes they need more space. When this occurs, some businesses decide to further expand their facilities into warehouses. Our Pacific Shelving offers a way to increase storage space at a cost-effective rate. The high-quality industrial steel storage shelving units are engineered specifically for high-density solutions and are great for expansion. Businesses can expect more when utilizing their storage space efficiently.

Customizable Shelving
The shelving solutions offered by WPSS are customized for specific operational use to suit individual warehouse needs and must be professionally installed. Each shelving system is unique, and the engineers and WPSS consult with clients to design a system that maximizes efficiency and space in each individual warehouse.

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