Differentiating between industrial metal shelving and rivet shelving

July 1, 2020 9:59 am

In warehouses, designing and implementing a proper shelving system is critical to maximizing space for other usage and minimizing resource consumption such as time, labor, and inventory movement to facilitate order fulfillment.

While deciding the best industrial storage solution to a particular need of shelving, a comparative study between metal industrial shelving and rivet shelving provides all the information needed to acquire a cost-effective and productive shelving system. This, in turn, would ensure a safe, efficient, and smooth flow of inventory.

What is Rivet Shelving?

Rivet Shelving is a straightforward industrial storage solution for efficient product storage. They are versatile and can be used anywhere on the floor to free up the floor area. Rivet Shelving is an industrial storage system that does not require hardware like nuts and bolts.

Rivet Shelving has the following advantages.

  •  The professional installation of these shelves is comparatively quick
  • They have easier access and are rather versatile
  • They cost less than metal industrial shelving
  • They can be open from all four sides allowing easy inventory flow.

However, these shelves have a lower weight shelf capacity when compared to metal industrial shelving. They have fewer storage applications and are not customizable. Thus, they are best for mainly lightweight products in cartons/cases.

What is Metal Industrial Shelving

Because of its sturdy design and higher weight capacity per shelf, metal industrial shelving is the benchmark for warehouses and larger storage units. These industrial storage solutions come in both open and closed configurations. Compared to other shelving systems, metal industrial shelving has a higher weight capacity per square foot.

This metal industrial shelving has an array of benefits as well.

  • They are manufactured with high-grade steel and can store heavier products
  • Vertical and horizontal space utilization is another benefit these shelves offer
  • Strong multi-level storage shelves can be created with condensed storage

The only disadvantage metal industrial shelving has is that compared to rivet shelving, they are costlier. But with all those advantages, it is safe to say that they are worth it.

Final Verdict?

Both types of shelving are common in warehouses. Each of them is designed to suit different needs. However, the most significant advantage of metal industrial shelving over rivet shelving is that it can be engineered for multi-level application to take advantage of vertical space. This can free up the critical floor area, drastically increasing productivity.

The right way to understand the type of shelving that best suits a particular warehouse is to consult an expert. So Western Pacific Storage Solution today:contact us or visit our website to connect with a sales consultant on how commercial shelving can assist in maximizing warehouse space while enhancing productivity.

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