Do Mezzanine Platforms Qualify as Equipment or work Platform Areas?

April 15, 2020 10:33 am

In previous blogs there have been discussions on Mezzanine Storage Systems or work platforms and the wealth of solutions they carry as an addition to a warehouse. While a warehouse has a limited amount of square feet, the way to multiply this is by employing shelves stacking inventory upwards.

But what is to be done with an area where shelving is not an option?

A perfect example of this is a heavy traffic area where the floor space simply cannot be used for shelving. Constructing shelves there would obstruct forklift and foot traffic moving goods across it. This is exactly where a Mezzanine Platform or work platform comes in as a perfect solution. It leaves the floor space wide open for the above-mentioned traffic while creating overhead storage capacity which wasn’t available otherwise.

Once the Mezzanine Platform or work platform is in place, it can then be used for a variety of purposes, ranging from offices, temporary storage, filing and documentation areas, even traditional shelving.

Using a Mezzanine Platform as a Work Platform Area
Another and less obvious use of Industrial Mezzanine Systems is employing them as an equipment or work platform. The reason why this is not immediately obvious, is that those two have traditionally been considered separate things. While looking at the main purpose of utilizing vertical warehouse space, the two have different purposes.

In most cases the traditional Mezzanine Platform is a structure attached to the building while work platforms are more freestanding.

Other than that, there is no reason whatsoever not to use an already available mezzanine work platform as an equipment platform when needed. Provided of course that the mezzanine work platform is clear and has enough operating area to be used for this purpose.

Benefits of the Mezzanine Platform and Work Platform Merge
Essentially it boils down to simple logic. If a warehouse is already outfitted with a mezzanine platform, using it for an equipment or work platform simply makes sense. There is no need to construct another platform to temporarily serve a temporary need, and this can allow a company to make the most of its operating budget.

In cases when the warehouse is not yet outfitted with either a Mezzanine Platform or work platform, but an equipment platform is needed, it may still be prudent to make the slightly larger but better long-term investment and install a mezzanine or work platform.

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