Ease of Installation is an advantage with Boltless Shelving Systems

July 20, 2018 7:26 pm

If your company is like most businesses, then time is money. You can’t waste any of it looking for products or equipment. Having a boltless shelving system can be the economical solution you’re looking for. As your company expands, your space needs to be flexible and change with your needs. What works one day may not be as efficient the next. For most shelving systems, you aren’t offered the ability to move them to a new place to optimize your area. When it comes to boltless steel shelving, you have that option.

A System that Changes with You
No longer will you have to adapt to your space, but your space will be able to adapt to you. Adding this element will also save you money and increase your storage space. Professional installers can save time because the boltless industrial shelving are easy to take down and put up.

Tough and Durable 
You might be thinking that shelves that are easy for professional installers to take down and put up probably aren’t as durable as other options. Thankfully, this isn’t the case. They incorporate 14-gauge steel, which is tough and versatile enough to be used as a catwalk system or for storage. That means this boltless shelving system can hold some of your heaviest equipment and products.

There are four beams that can accommodate any storage situation you might have. This makes the system flexible and caters to your needs. It also allows employees easy access to whatever items are stored on these shelves, which can lead to more productivity and less time spent finding the items they need.

When it comes to assembling these shelves, it can be accomplished in very little time. The only tool that is needed to put these together is a rubber mallet. When it comes to moving them to a new space, taking them down is relatively fast for a professional. No matter what your warehouse or industrial space needs are, these shelves can handle it.

They are also freestanding, which means that they don’t need any additional support once they’ve been erected. Once again, this leads to reducing labor fees for professionals to set up and take down.

Shelves that Work for You
More often than not, when it comes to shelving systems for your business, you have to work with whatever system you can find and adapt your space to the shelves. When it comes to boltless steel shelving, you get to configure it in a way that will work best for you. If your needs change over time, the shelves will too.

To find the best shelving solution for your business, contact Western Pacific Storage Solutions. They have boltless industrial shelving that will adapt to your space, as well as other products to maximize your warehouse and industrial space.

When it comes to a warehouse or industrial space, every company has different needs. These needs may even change over time, and having a shelving system that can change with it can be quite beneficial. A boltless shelving system is relatively easy for a professional to set up and take down, so they can be moved to wherever they are needed most. They can also be configured in numerous ways, so you can maximize your storage space. Just because they are easy to set up and take down doesn’t mean they aren’t tough. They are. They can be configured for various weight capacities and at different heights so you have the shelves for any and all storage needs. Instead of you having to work around the warehouse space, these shelves will make the space work for you. They are cost effective and increase the square footage of your space in an economical and flexible way.


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