Essential Industrial Shelving: Essential Insights

February 27, 2024 10:59 am

Industrial Shelving
In the ever-evolving world of warehousing and storage, reliability is key. We at Western Pacific want to continue the privilege of being your premier shelving system provider.  Thus, we share these ideas in the hopes they will help you consider the rapidly shifting storage demands you are facing.

Enhanced Durability – have you concerns in this area?
Our durable adaptive steel shelving systems are engineered to offer versatility in both small-scale commercial solutions and large-scale warehousing.

  • The Deluxe Original Box Shelf is capable of sustaining loads ranging from 400 to 1300 pounds per shelf evenly distributed.
  • Additionally, our RiveTier boltless shelving has a wide variety of unique applications designed to accommodate very large to very small SKUs and, where warehouse overhead ceiling space allows multilevel catwalk structures.

Your goal of Space Optimization
Our shelving systems are designed to allow for the storage of the most parts within the smallest usable profile. Notably, the Deluxe Heavy-Duty Steel  Shelving System offers certified seismic designed multilevel systems in certain geographic locations. Businesses can maximize their vertical space which means greater utilization of extant square footage. How optimized is your space?

Easy Installation and Adjustability via WPSS products
WPSS products enable easy reconfiguration of shelf positioning for constantly changing merchandise SKUs. Moreover, RiveTier’s completely boltless design offers maximum configuration flexibility, with a no-hassle assembly time that reduces installation costs by 30-40%.

Streamlined Pick and Pack Processes via Accu-Wall
Western Pacifics Accu-Wall recognized sometimes as a Putwall shelving systems integrate seamlessly with a large variety of brand name Pick-to-Light systems, and offer design flexibility suitable for diverse e-commerce applications. With flexible dimensions in height, width, and length, Accu-wall can be tailored to the size requirements of a variety of order fulfillment sortation requirements. How recently have you considered this?

Functional Yet Aesthetic:
Our heavy-duty shelving lines are built to withstand the most demanding conditions while maintaining their durable power coated finishes. Western Pacific has 7 standard colors to select from. If other than standard color is required, custom colors are available.

In Conclusion:
WPSS is dedicated to creating designed and engineered storage systems that will meet the needs of a very small warehouse space to a highly automated warehouse of the future.



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