Expedite operation-expansion with medium to heavy duty shelving

February 29, 2024 9:40 am

Heavy Duty ShelvingFrom the smallest backroom areas to the largest distribution centers, there’s always a need for more storage. Deluxe Medium to Heavy Duty Shelving from Western Pacific Storage Solutions (WPSS) is the most cost-effective answer for solving storage expansion issues.

A variety of Deluxe medium to heavy-duty storage shelves and racks & post configurations, enable a custom solution for any warehouse situation – from stocking large inventories of small items to storing heavy tools and equipment.

Save Space and Operation Costs with Expandable, Durable Storage
Making operation expansion both cost effective and timely is a hallmark of Deluxe shelving. Its modular design allows it to be integrated into any existing storage setup. With a 1-inch vertical adjustability, the maximum amount of storage can be achieved in the smallest areas.

When considering the wear and tear of industrial or other hard-working environments, an important reason to choose WPSS’s Deluxe medium to medium or heavy duty shelving is longevity. Its high durability and wear-resistance reduces the need for frequent replacements.

WPSS’ Deluxe Medium to Heavy Duty Shelving Takes Storage Capacity to a New LevelMaximizing storage means utilizing every square foot of available space – including open air. Living up to the title “medium or heavy duty,” Deluxe provides unrivalled engineering and strength to expand storage vertically – up to 4 levels – multiplying shelving capacity in the same footprint. It’s an opportunistic way to expand storage with minimum disruption and cost, now and as future needs dictate.

To find out how Deluxe medium to heavy duty shelving systems can expand your storage capacity, contact your regional sales manager on the WPSS team. Click here.

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