Features of boltless shelving help organize warehouse storage.

July 4, 2020 10:09 am

Organizing a warehouse for maximum storage efficiency can be a challenging task. There are many elements to consider when determining the best storage solutions for this space. Storing and processing a wide range of items can create efficiency problems, so when seeking an optimal storage solution, one might want to consider boltless steel shelving. It is becoming increasingly popular among industrial warehouse owners and operators due to its numerous uses. Boltless industrial shelving is effective at maximizing storage space and provides other benefits as well.

1. Assembly.
Since there are no bolts in or any other special requirements needed, the boltless shelving system is efficient for professional installers to assemble. Boltless shelving systems can be custom engineered to various vertical increments which allows for flexibility within the space.

2. Customizable.
Another advantage of boltless steel shelving is its customizable feature. This type of shelving system can be configured to accommodate a variety of storage needs, including unit levels and heights to effectively accommodate the items to be stored. Whether to be installed in a large or smaller space, a boltless shelving system can be engineered to a specific warehouse’s requirements.

3. Economical.
Another benefit of boltless shelving systems is that they are cost-effective. They are an excellent and economical choice if versatile storage is required. Also, with the ability to optimize vertically, boltless industrial shelving frees up more floor space to easily accommodate more items.

4. Durable.
Because boltless steel shelving units are made up of steel, durability is a key feature. The steel construction enable them to be long-lasting and sturdy enough to handle heavy loads.

Types Of boltless shelving solutions.
Boltless shelving solutions fall into two categories: Single-rivet and Long-span

•  Single Rivet Boltless Shelving.
Single rivet boltless industrial shelving is lighter and simpler in design. They are best used for storing low to medium-weight products. Single rivets shelving feature thin beams, which maximize accessibility and visibility. The beams are made of cold-rolled sheet steel, which also provides adequate structural integrity for all medium-duty and light applications despite their light appearance.

•  Long-Span Boltless Shelving.
Long-span boltless shelving is also known as double-rivet. Long-span is  the heavy-duty version of boltless shelving units. They are capable of storing heavier and longer objects.  They offer  long-lasting shelving units and bulkier decking with outstanding structural integrity. When in need of boltless shelving, look to Western Pacific Storage Solutions: https://www.WPSS.com

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