Five Benefits of Using Boltless Shelving for Warehouse Storage

January 9, 2017 2:48 pm

The main problem that most warehouses face is the lack of storage available. Business owners know that it can be a daunting task trying to find the best way to store items more efficiently. Boltless shelving has been used for years to maximize warehouse storage space. These five benefits will show that boltless shelving for warehouse is a great benefit.

  1. Less effort and only one tool needed to Build and Install
    Since these industrial shelves are boltless, professional installers find them easier to install than most metal shelving units. The only tool needed when installing the shelves is a mallet. Due to this flexibility, the best design that will provide the best use of storage space can be chosen. Most installs can be vertically increased by 1.5-inches.
  2. Customizable
    Boltless steel shelving can be customized to fit any warehouse space. One of many options available is wire mesh decking that increases visibility, but still offers a closed shelf.  Other decking choices include particle board, wire grating, melamine and metal shelves. There are also optional boltless shelving accessories. Shelving can be manipulated in a way that can adjust to each warehouse with ease.
  3. Easy Access
    Most boltless shelving is easily accessible from all four sides. No sway braces are required, meaning all four sides are open and there is easier access to all stored items. The four steel beams will stop the structure from swaying. However, if multi-sided access to stored items is not needed, there are other options available.
  4. Durable
    Boltless shelving parts are usually made from steel. This allows them to be extremely strong while providing optimal support when handling large products. Boltless steel shelving units can hold from approximately 500 pounds to 2,000 pounds per shelf. One option for a high-capacity storage system is a heavy-duty, long span shelving configuration. This provides uninterrupted spans of up to eight feet and is a simple and economical solution.
  5. Economical
    Boltless steel shelving is less expensive than other shelving units. This is because there are fewer shelving parts needed. All that is needed is the shelving unit and a rubber mallet. No bolts or cross beams necessary.  Boltless shelving is more affordable without compromising high quality. Also, by building up, using high shelves, floor space is made available, making more room for growth. Western Pacific Storage Solutions can help businesses become more organized and efficient and ready for growth. They have the perfect boltless racking units that can be assembled in 30% of the time.


With a boltless storage racking system, any business, warehouse or distribution center can have an economical way to increase their productivity and efficiency. Boltless shelving in warehouse has been used for years, and its popularity continues to grow. More and more, it is being recognized as an excellent solution to industrial storage needs. Boltless shelving is relatively easy for professional installers to install, saving time and expense. The options afford great flexibility, which allows a large variety of options. It can be designed to fill a multitude of needs. The option of having four open sides allows for easy access and less time spent looking for products or equipment. Boltless metal shelving rack is also extremely durable, which adds to its value.


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