Four-Sided access shelving and changing storage demand

February 27, 2024 11:42 am

Photo of RiveTier shelving in narrow aisle application, view 3With fluctuating storage demand, both efficiency and adaptability are of vital importance. Western Pacific Storage Solutions (WPSS), has transformed shelving to optimize commercial storage, bolstered automated processes and streamlined workflows.

Re fluctuating storage demand, WPSS’ “ace card” is their boltless shelving system, which ushers in unparalleled flexibility in storage management. But ingenuity didn’t stop there. The WPSS four-sided access shelving facilitates operational efficiency.

These Shelving Innovations Transform How Companies Organize and Access Inventory
WPSS’s boltless design allows for rapid setup, expansion, or reconfiguration, which is vital to accommodate frequent changes in inventory types and volumes. While this storage is highly flexible, it’s also highly robust. Each shelf can hold over 1,000 lbs. depending on the chosen design.

The most unique advantage of WPSS’s boltless shelving is its four-sided access. Any storage situation can benefit from visibility and accessibility from all sides, but it’s indispensable to fast-paced fulfillment companies. Quick access to inventory, fast product identification, and accurate item retrieval are essential.

Why WPSS’s RiveTier® Shelving is a Preferred Choice
RiveTier shelving exemplifies the most sought-after aspects of boltless shelving. It features robust construction, customizable layouts for different spatial requirements, and the ability to integrate into existing storage setups seamlessly. It also stands out for its cost-effectiveness and easy maintenance.

Steps to Upgrade Commercial Storage
Businesses desiring to improve their storage infrastructure will see boltless shelving systems as a most compelling solution for the many reasons mentioned. Implementing these systems starts with understanding the specific storage goals and requirements of a space. Working with an expert RiveTier shelving distributor can help ensure the layout provides maximum efficiency and optimal setup. The network of skilled RiveTier shelving distributors has expertise in designing top-tier storage solutions for various business sectors.

To find out how RiveTier boltless shelving systems can transform storage, contact your regional sales manager on the WPSS team.



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