Here’s What to Know Before Choosing Commercial Metal Shelving

July 24, 2021 1:26 pm

Industrial shelving is a secure storage option for any warehouse or production facility. Unlike storage racks, it offers enough storage space for the smaller items in an inventory that are stored manually. However, before purchasing industrial metal shelving, several factors must be considered. This includes what needs to be stored, the shelving system that works best, and the storage facility’s safety features.

Racking vs. Shelving
Racking and shelving are terms often used interchangeably. However, they are entirely different storage systems. These storage systems differ in the design, configuration, and retrieval method of the stored items. For instance, racking stores palletized items that are removed with material handling equipment, while shelving is built for employees to manually access the stored items. Also, the storage capacity of rack systems is significantly larger than shelving. But although industrial metal shelving is not built for bulk storage, it can still handle heavy items.

Choosing the Correct Shelving Type
Generally, shelving helps to maximize storage space. But not all heavy-duty metal shelving is built the same. Some offer easily reconfigured designs, while others provide a higher weight capacity. Therefore, before purchasing an industrial shelving solution, ensure the different types of industrial shelving options are considered. Some common types of industrial shelving solutions to consider include the following:

  • Industrial steel shelving
  • Industrial boltless shelving
  • Wire shelving units
  • Heavy-duty roll-out shelving
  • Mobile shelf trucks

Safety Considerations Before Purchasing Industrial Metal Shelving
Industrial metal shelving is an excellent solution for many storage needs. However, there are several safety considerations to know before buying a unit. For example, some industrial shelving systems must be installed on the ground. Any shelving unit that comes with anchor bolts and baseplates must be screwed to the ground.

The warehouse floor must be flat and level enough to safely store items in vertical shelving. It must also be strong enough to carry the weight of a fully loaded shelf. It is important that monthly checks are conducted on the shelving systems to observe any damage to vertical supports, wall mounts, baseplates, and bolts. If the damage is serious, it implies that the weight capacity of the shelving system may be compromised.  Damage should be reported to the most appropriate person.

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