Higher Ground

Higher Ground

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Higher Ground Training

This Way to Higher Ground Training 

The Western Pacific Storage Solutions team is offering product training and industry insight in the form of 15-minute zoom-based learning experiences. 

Come by yourself or with your team and request the following training modules offered in easy-to-fit-in-your-day increments:


Ten Training Topics can be covered in-person or via zoom

1.  Pre-planning to avoid common installation mistakes

2.  Some of the most effective ways to sell RiveTier, the original boltless shelving

3. The type of relationship you can rely upon with Western Pacific Storage Solutions

4.  How to guide the end-user toward Pacific VS Deluxe shelving—it’s more than the weight on each shelf

5.  Understanding variables of shelving: boltless and with/bolts

6.  Understanding and speaking the lingo of work platforms / mezzanines

7.  The 7 items you’ll need to request a platform quote

8.  Five things you’ll want to know about Western Pacific Storage Solutions

9.   About multi-level shelving systems

10. Save money for your customers and put greater profits into your pocket

We’re all about value-added—we want to share our industry and product knowledge with you. We want to provide greater value in terms of quality, flexibility and engineering. Lastly, we want you to know about our commitment to the dealer/distributor partnership.





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