How are crossover bridges beneficial for warehouses?

June 18, 2020 12:38 pm

The usefulness of crossover bridges often goes unappreciated. Conveyor crossover stairs or bridges, industrial crossover stairs or bridges, and safety gates are all important aspects of moving freely and safely within a warehouse.

What to keep in mind:

Workers can move more freely throughout the space
With the help of conveyor crossover stairs or bridges, workers will be able to move more freely throughout the workspace. Conveyor rollers that are essential to a warehouse’s processes can slow workers as they cannot freely cross the warehouse. With crossover bridges, employees can safely and efficiently move overtop conveyors to move around the warehouse. By creating a system of crossover bridges, a warehouse can create an efficient way for employees to move about the space.

Crossover Bridges Increase Safety
Crossover bridges improve safety by allowing workers to traverse the warehouse safely. No matter how many safety regulations a warehouse has in place, it’s human nature to try to get places quickly, which could result in dangerous activities like ducking under conveyor rollers. These kinds of activities are a significant safety risk, but with crossover bridges, employees can safely and quickly move above  the conveyor. The SureSTEP crossover system from Western Pacific Storage Solutions (WPSS) can also be used to cross forklift thoroughfares. In a busy warehouse or distribution center, forklifts and other machinery will be passing through designated areas. Industrial crossover stairs and bridges are an essential component in keeping employees safe and clear of those parts of the warehouse.

The Importance of Safety Gates
Custom swing safety gates from WPSS are welded with 1-5/8″ galvanized pipe and are available in both swing and slide designs. The guardrail is IBC compliant and the gates, like all WPSS products, are custom designed for each individual order. Our guardrails are 1-5/8″ x 17-gauge galvanized pipe in six foot lengths to be field cut to exact length and are available in custom powder-coated colors. The safety gates provide a secure way to close off areas that should not be accessed, while being durable and secure. Our custom safety gates can be incorporated with our other products including our SureSTEP crossover system and guardrails.

With all of this in mind, the many benefits of crossover bridges become clear, and the experts at Western Pacific Storage Solutions are here to help. Not only do we offer custom storage equipment for overall warehouse efficiency, but we also believe in providing the best customer solutions. For more information, contact Western Pacific Storage Solutions today,


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