How boltless shelves can improve organization

June 25, 2020 10:46 am

Among the vast family of steel shelving, boltless shelving holds a special place for its clever structure and unique qualities. This type of shelving system offers a range of advantages for storing and handling materials and wares both in a warehouse setting as well as in factories and shops.

It helps organize a space and handle inventory with ease and convenience while not compromising one bit on storage capacity and weight loads.

Less Bolts – Less Hassle

Also known as rivet shelving, boltless industrial shelving is an extremely popular solution widely used by commercial enterprises from supply chains to manufacturing facilities, as well as distribution centers, pharmacies, large retail stores, archive rooms, automotive shops and more.

The primary advantage of this shelving solution is versatility. It can be made to fit and conveniently access items of all types and sizes. Boltless shelving is easily customizable for large drum barrels or skids, as well as bins to hold small loose parts. And of course, everything in between.

Less Work Assembling

Boltless steel shelving requires no.. correct, no bolts. This means shelves are fastened together using a clever interlocking system of connectors with nothing more than a rubber mallet. The perforated posts take in connecting rails that slide into them creating shelving supports. This also means most any kind of decking can be installed on those rails for different purposes. While boltless shelving systems need to be installed by professionals, the process is a smooth one with one tool required.

Less Expenses

Due to the unique construction of boltless steel shelving, namely it not requiring rivets to hold it together or specialized tools to assemble, it tends to be considerably more cost-effective than its more traditional alternatives. This makes boltless shelving a perfect choice if there’s a need to set up storage quickly or install additional storage space in an existing facility.

The costs of single rivet shelving units will vary depending on the dimensions and number of decks, making it easier to fit to any space or budget.

Consult with Specialists

WPSS are industry leaders in the field of industrial shelving in North America and are here to assist with your company’s needs for choosing the ideal storage solution for your specific needs. We engineer boltless steel shelving units, work platforms, heavy duty steel shelving and more – and our qualified personnel will be happy to help you make the best choice for your facility.

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